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My name is Petra MARTINA Reichmann;

I am German, married to a Greek shepherd.

I have a teenage daughter and I have been living and working on the Greek island of Lesvos for more than 20 years. Through my experiences and thanks to my sensitive perception and my mediality, I got the wonderful vocation to support people, who want to discover themselves lovingly in a very special, conscious and individual way.

Deeply grateful, I try to perform my wonderful vocation the best I can…


One of those special ways is my individual

“Creative Self-Discovery Journey”- Workshop in the nature of Lesvos which gives you the opportunity to unfold your Self-empowerment. I offer daily or weekly Workshops in German, English and Greek  for people who want to discover their true inner-Selves using their intuitive creative Self-expression through painting, writing or movements. Depending on your personal pace and need, my sensitive perception and mediality will guide you lovingly through your creative Self-journey. As you experience new Self-perceptions, you will get

deeper Self-insights, Self-knowledge

and clearer Self-consciousness ...


For my workshops you do not need to have any knowledge or skills. Just be yourself and be open to new experiences, self-awareness and creative heart-touching time. 



There are no fixed dates, you can choose individual an appointment by arrangement... 


The daily workshop lasts about 6 hours (from 9:30 to 15:30) with a small break in between and it costs 100,- Euro.

(all the materials used and the transfers from the meeting place to our destination in the nature are included)


The weekly workshop will take place on 5 days (6 hours per day from 9:30 to 15:30)   and it costs 700,- Euro 

(all the materials used and the transfers from the meeting place to our destination in the nature are included)


Please be aware, that this kind of workshop can be very intensive for your soul, because of the deep transformation processes which are mostly  initiated by this seminar…. 


Please take part in my workshops with your own responsibility; I do not assume any liability for possible physical or psychological consequences.


If you are interested in a

Creative Self-Discovery Journey”-Workshop with me or in case you have any questions, please just contact me under “Kontakt-Contact”, via E-Mail: lichteweisheit@gmail.com

or via phone: +03 694 24 77 896 (mobile)


Bookings and reservations for the workshop are accepted only in written.